Our Mission

Kamban Kazhagam Australia Inc's mission statement is to promote the development of the three components of Tamil language, which are Prose/Verse, Music and Theatricals (In Tamil it is known as Iyal - Isai - Naadakam).

Our Aims and Objectives

  • Our goal is to promote these Tamil components to future generations, in order to continue traditions and foster a strong sense of community and unity amongst the Tamil diaspora in Australia. Whilst seeking to promote integration with the wider community and recognising our responsibilities as Australian citizens.
  • Association's aims are to promote the values and traditions of the older generations to younger generations, whilst making these lessons more accessible to all. Through the works of Kamban and the Kamba Ramayanam, morals and values relevant to struggles and lives of youth today can be studied and explored.
  • Our aims are to also ignite the passions of younger Tamil audiences and show them that Tamil literature is not limited to the Kamba Ramayanam. There are numerous texts and pieces to be studied, each more creative and eloquent that the last. Through the works of Kamban, we hope to encourage more young Tamils to immerse themselves in the world of Tamil literature.
  • Kamban Kazhagam Australia Inc also wishes to create a platform for young speakers to voice their knowledge and present oration. By providing a platform through which young Tamils can voice their thoughts and opinions, we hope to facilitate debate and discussion about the themes and issues presented in Tamil literature. These discussions, debates and oratory sessions will also encourage young Tamils to learn and expand their knowledge.
  • Our aim is to continue the variety of activities, such as weekly Tamil literature classes for Tamil youth in Sydney. Weekly classes allow for an in depth exploration of values and morals associated with Tamil literature, and provide a space where young Tamils can learn about different Tamil texts and literary pieces. We hope to expand these classes nationwide to provide all young Tamil students with the opportunity to pursue interests and learn.
  • Kamban Kazhagam Australia Inc would also like the opportunity to facilitate events for other organisations, which have similar aims and objectives. This includes debating, speaking and oratory programs.
  • One of our future goals is to approach Tamil schools and collaborate with staff to teach students about Tamil literature and the importance of culture and language. Our aim is to utilise the school platform and collaborate with the schools to create comprehensive lesson plans and introduce Tamil history, literature and media to Tamil students.
  • Kamban Kazhagam Australia Inc's main goals are to host KAMBAN VIZHA (Kamban Tamil Literary Festival) for prose/verse (which is a non-ticketed event), ISAI VELVI for musicals, AADAL VELVI for theatricals, Youth Impromptu speech competition called VELLUM SOL and a public oratory forum called NAANALAM. These events all showcase the three components, which we are seeking to promote and develop here in Australia. It is through these events that we hope to showcase the wonders of Tamil language, literature and culture to all Australians. Any admission fee collected, after covering the expenses will be used exclusively to promote the aims & objectives of Kamban Kazhagam Australia.
  • Kamban Kazhagam Australia Inc respects Australian individuals who have significantly contributed to the uplift and betterment of our Australian Tamil Community. We award our highest honour with Maaruthi award, to the most deserving Australian Tamil person who has selflessly strived to better the lives of the Australian society and its people. The awardee will be selected on the basis of recommendations received from members of the public or public bodies. We also honour, four elders from our Tamil community each year. This is to honour and recognise their immense service they have rendered to our community in Australia.